Friday, August 22, 2008

New Digi Cam!

Why did bestbuy have to send me my credit card?? I applied for a card about 4 months ago when I got my laptop and they finally sent me the card yesterday and of course I had to buy something with it. I swear credit cards make you spend on them... so anyways I went out and bought a new digital camera, a case for it, memory card and a laptop sleeve that I've wanted since I got my laptop.
Anyways, I got an Olympus FE-330 8.0MP Digital Camera in Pink (of course). It was regular $179.99, but I got it on sale for $149.99.
I'm in love. I cant wait to take pictures with it on our Montreal weekend tomorrow!!

Tonight Brad and I are going to a German restaurant downtown with friends. My friend found out she was pregnant a while ago and I'm so excited for her. It sucks because she has to miss out on her second year of college, but oh well, stuff happens. She got her ultrasound picture of the baby and I can't wait to see it!! She was supposed to find out the sex but the babies legs were crossed. As soon as she finds out we're going baby clothes shopping, I can't wait!