Sunday, October 26, 2008

How school is going

Hey all!
Wow, so my life has been very busy..basically all of October, and its not going to stop. School is killing me. The stress is crazy, lets just say two weeks ago I saw two people faint and at least 5 cry in class. Not to mention I had a nasty sinus infection last week. And yes I still had to go to school with a high fever and feeling like I can barely stand. In my program its better to just go to the labs and tests like that because the stress of having to make them up is worse. I got through the week only missing 1 lab and 1 test so I'm pretty proud of myself. And even though I was either high on medication or high because of my fever I managed to get a 68% on a chem test (which more than half the class failed) and a 77% on my transfusion science test. (these tests are worth like 25% of your final marks by the way) So anyway just this past week I had more tests and lab reports so I have been spending my life at school/and or the library. Tues, wed and thurs I literally had 7 hrs of class and only 1 hr of break during the whole day.. then had to go the library right after to study.. so I was at school 830am every morning - 930 or 10pm at night. CRAZY! but its all worth it to me.

When the stress was crazy, at the beginning of October I was seriously thinking about quitting cause it was just so stressful and so much work and I was getting worn down, but then we got to go on a tour of the hospital here, the 3rd year currently at clinical placement (what ill be doing next year) gave the tours. We got to see the chemistry, hematology, transfusion, histology and microbiology labs. It brought back my motivation because it was so interesting to me. When we were touring the histo lab, one of the pathologists were cutting up and preparing a breast biopsy.. I thought I would be grossed out but I suprised myself because I was just facinated by it. We also saw eyeball shavings (they have to incubate them on a plate before donating them to see if they contain any bacteria) and the 3rd year told us that all the doctors and pathologists are really good about just sitting down with u and explaining every thing theyre doing...and why. and that its a really good learning experience. She also said they give you the option of seeing an autopsy being done. She said she was really nervous, and when she got in the room she turned white and had to sit down for 30mins..but after she was right in there, and they let her hold the organs and stuff. How many people have that opportunity?? I dont know if Im going to take it or not but its cool that I have the option. Anyways, I think it would be a very fufilling career, good pay, helping people. I just have to get through this last year of school. I think I can do it!

I know a lot of people don't think like this, but I just can't wait to get married and have a baby. I've had the baby bug for a while now (like 2 years) and with one of my good friends and alot of people online having babies its making it harder. But having my education and being comfortable in life before marriage and a family is important to me and Brad, so it probably wont be for another 2-3 years from now... I cant wait though!



spiffykerms said...

jeeze woman. Fainting and crying? What are you taking in school?