Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bunch of Stuff

I never really understood why people liked twitter so much, but I completely understand now. I can't really put it in to words, but its sooo much fun. Its alot easier then writing a big blog post. If you really wanna know whats happening with me read my twitter because I update it 100000x more then I do this.

I still don't know where Im going to be living in approx 6 months because all the people that wanted to do their placement here are screwed because they "randomly" decided to redo their budget? Like wouldnt they of known that before the day that we had to choose? So now all 13 of us are up in the air. I started having panic attacks again (I had some last year during exams but kinda ignored it) This time I was having them in class so I decided to go to the doctor and get another perscription for Klonopin. So far its worked well. Hopefully I wont have to leave class early again because I feel like im going to die. lol.

Ive let myself go weight wise. It sucks. I can really tell in recent pics, especially in my face. I wanna look good for my 25th bday haha. I wanna be able to look back when im 40 and fat and wrinkly and be like yea, I looked good when I was 25 haha. so Im on a weight loss mission. 15-20 lbs by March 7th. I think thats a reasonable healthy goal. Hopefully I can do it.... wish me luck!
xoxox Drea