Wednesday, January 7, 2009


School actually seems a bit easier this semester.. I ll probably take that back in a week or so. The class didn't get too much smaller. I think 10 people failed and one girl went crazy from the stress and dropped out. Well thats the rumour anyways. Her boyfriend is in our program too and I guess they broke up because when my friend asked him what happend to her and if shes ok all he said is "I don't know, shes fucked up". lol. Interesting.

I've been playing on my Wii Fit a little bit each day. Supposedly from last Friday Ive lost 5lbs. I know thats proabably just due to weighing myself at different times in the day but its still nice to see the line going down on the weight chart. When I started my wii fit age was 37! ew. Now its down to 28. That's pretty good in once week. Im almost at my actual age.

I'm going to go try and find out where my boyfriend is cause hes missing. lol.