Sunday, March 22, 2009

Okay a Real Post

New apt layout

and a new layout. I just used a template cause Im lazy haha. I don't really know what the banner is all about, but oh well. Maybe Ill make my own one day... probably not.

So my life is EXTREMELY busy right now. We're moving to a bigger better apartment April 1st because the ppl upstairs are so loud and the walls here are thin because Its an older building. The new apartment is on the 7th floor, has a balcony, a pool and way better security. Im excited!! so anyway, Ive been packing and painting plus homework/studying. Next week I have no tests at all (which is rare). That takes some stress off cause I can focus on packing/studying etc. After this week tho school is going to be HELL. Sooo many tests/assignments/practicals and then when thats over I have my comprehensive exams the last week of school (120 multiple choice exams for each subject on everything we have learned in 2 years) for example Monday - histo, Tues- chem, Wed - hema, Thurs - trans, Friday - micro. No days in between. Ugh!


Jen said...

yayyyy for quietness, balcony, and bigger place! Can't wait to see it :D HAHA

spiffykerms said...

My boyfriend lives in a super old building where sometimes the elevators don't work and brings you to the wrong floors etc. But I've gotta say, it's COMPLETELY soundproof and I never hear anything. Either that or for the past 4 years he's had quiet neighbours. I dunno.

We need to move out to a bigger place though, as he just has a 1brm now.

patukiii said...

I love REVLON COLORSTAY! It's my second favorite eyeliner,
M.A.C smolder always will be the first for me!! haha