Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Beauty Tip

I just thought of a really good beauty tip. Well I thought of it last night but I was pretty scared that it wouldn't work and id end up with weird hair blotches and colours going on. Anyways I just tried it and it actually worked!

I have really dark hair naturally. Almost black, so my roots show really easily. I don't have the money to get them touched up every 3 weeks, nor the patience to do them myself. Then I was thinking, the only roots that really bother me is around the hairline at the front when I wear my hair up, and when I have my hair down, its the roots that show along my part. Ive used JOLENE bleach on my eyebrows before to lighten them to a lighter brown in the past and its worked, so I thought why not try on my roots that show. Light brown is better than dark brown, that way I can go to get my roots done every 6 weeks at the salon like I had planned. So I applied the bleach to the roots surrounding my face and on my part.. left it on for literaly like 5 mins if that. And it worked.. it made the roots a light brown which blends in a lot better than the almost black I had.
Heres some before and after pics. I can see that I missed a bit at the back but it was my first time, therefore missed some parts. When I buy new bleach Ill do that area.

Im so excited, my roots were depressing me.




spiffykerms said...

I wish I could pull off the blonde. I had it that way for a while, but then I looked way too washed out, even when I was tan. I think dark hair suits me much better, unfortunately lol haha.