Sunday, November 23, 2008

4 Years Together and Shopping!

This has been a great weekend. Brad took Friday and Saturday off for our 4 year anniversary. (he uusually works almost every night and weekend, and we both have school so we don't ever get full days off together unless he books them off) On friday he suprised me with a couples massage and a nice dinner. We've never had massages before so we felt really weird at first. They feel so good though. The room was dark with music playing, candles and a fireplace. We both had our own masseuse. It was 60mins long. Then after we went to Frankie Pestos for dinner. It was sooo yummy. The night cost him alot but we don't get to do that type of stuff very often.

Yesterday we spent all day together. He attempted to teach me how to drive standard. Then we went and watched the night time Ktown santa clause parade. At first he didn't want to but then he acted like a little kid when he saw all the old cars and stuff. I wish it wasn't so cold, we only lasted an hour and then had to go back home. I wanted to see Santa!!! haha. Then I made dinner and we rented Indiana Jones. Such a nice night to end off our weekend together. :D

Now back to reality :( Cleaning and homework. LOL. but before I do that I had to do some shopping, online of course.

I spent $80 on beauty products, but I actually need the stuff because im running out of everything all at once. I ran out of my mineral makeup a while ago and have been breaking out a bit with the foundation I have, now Im running out of concealer and Im almost out of facial cleanser too. I ordered my stuff from SpaLook.Com (a really good website for beauty, shipping to Canada is only $5 and they have alot of promotions. Like this morning I bought $100 worth of stuff for $80. ($20 off) . At first I just bought the three things I needed and it came to $93 so I bought this facial water mist for $7 to get the $20 off, Im going to use it to set my make up. Anyways this is the stuff I ended up getting:
Avene Thermal Spring Water, Fusion Beauty Micro Technology Bio Active Brightening Minerals, Murad Pomegranate Cleanser and Too Faced Herbal eye base and concealer


Jennifer said...

awww sounds like a awesome anniversary! I've never had a professional massage :/ I want a boy to spoil me with those things!!!! Oh well..

Ooooh sounds like a great buy. Sadly I cannot order anything online. I don't use my credit cards anymore. BAD things they are.

I miss you!!!!!!

spiffykerms said...

Aw that anniversary sounds sweet. I was looking into getting my BF and I a couples massage, or spa day as well - but it's holy moly expensive.

Oh man you're going to love that Avene stuff! I hate running out of everything at the same time. I like kinda expensive stuff (Aveda hair products, and MAC face stuff) so I need to pick up some of that stuff this weekend...

Krissy said...

I wish i had a guy that would do that for me. I'm so totally jealous :(

J said...

Let me know how that face mist is... sounds fantastic! Thanks for having me on your Blogroll and stopping by my site!

- J of