Saturday, December 13, 2008

Le Sigh

Well I did it, I actually passed 3rd semester. The last two weeks I litteraly had no free time. I could barely even eat. This week was the worst. I was in bed at midnight and up at 4am studying. Id go home to eat dinner and then come back to the library at school and study until 11 and do it all over again the next day. I felt like I was high and walking in a cloud or something. It was weird, and the stress was so bad that I felt sick all the time and I started having chest pains, not to mention nightmares about failing every night. Im glad its over....anyways, my final marks were pretty good, I didn't get any in the 60s which was my goal. We have a lab portion and a lecture portion for every subject and we have to get at least a 64% in EACH one or we fail the whole program. Then at the end they combine the two marks to give you the final mark. Heres what I ended up with

Hematology 80%
Transfusion Science 80%
Clinical Chemistry 75%
Histotechnology 80%
Microbiology 75%

Im kinda interested to see how many people come back next semester. I know for a fact that 10 people failed and im sure theres people in class that don't discuss that they're failing. Theres only 48 (we started with 60 last year) of us so even 10 is a significant amount. Now I have to think of placement. We have to give our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choices by Jan 19th. Ahhh. I dont even wanna think about going to placement it scares me lol.

10 more days until I get to go home for the holidays! Im so excited. Its going to be a boring week here until then though. Brad and I are leaving the night of the 23rd and staying until Jan 2nd. Should be fun. I need to start xmas shopping soon ahhh.

Edit. I almost forgot to say, I got my stuff on spalook even cheaper since they took so long shipping. They said it was the holiday season but I asked what they could do for me to make me a happy customer so they took an extra 15% off my bill so I saved almost $35 in the end. woo!!