Saturday, January 3, 2009


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I have a few new years resolutions for 2009
The first one is to lose the 10-15lbs I apparently gained (good thing I got wii fit for xmas) and just generally eat healthier
The second one is to exercise at least 30mins/3days a week and hopefully work up to 5 days a wk
The third is to study EVERY DAY after school/on breaks on what I learned that day so I don't fall behind
and the last one is to stick to our budget and pay down Brads debt, this includes not eating out for almost every single meal anymore so I decided to start making weekly meal plans. The budget for food is $50/wk.

Meal plan for Jan 5th - Jan 11th
for lunches each day we can just have leftovers from the day before, or sandwiches etc.

Monday: Easy slow cooker chicken (I decided on this recipe because I have absolutely no time to make dinner after class before Brad has to go to work on Mondays, plus I dont think Ill feel like cooking after being in school from 830am-530pm with only an hour break)

Tuesday: Easy spaghetti and meat balls (another long day, this is fast and easy, I just use pre cooked frozen PC lean meatballs, any jarred pasta sauce, half a green pepper and pre sliced mushrooms, oh and pasta of course)

Wednesday: Hurried goulash with noodles and peas - I buy extra beef and marinate and freeze half of it for Fridays stirfry

Thursday - Scalloped potato stuff - my mom thought of this really easy one pot recipe, you buy betty crockers creamy scalloped potato mix, chicken and some frozen veggies

Friday - Teriyaki beef stir fry - very easy and fast using defrosted beef from wednesday

Saturday - eating out night or if theres not enough money in the budget then spaghetti or kraft dinner.. something easy

Sunday - Chicken chickpea rice/noodle bowls