Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Its Beginning to feel alot Like Christmas

Look what happens when Im on holidays. I update almost everyday. Yay for boredom.

Yesterday was all about christmas shopping. Brad and I got almost every present we needed. I'm still waiting for some stuff in the mail from amazon.ca and we need to buy a gift set from the LCBO for chinese christmas, but thats it then we're done.

We also learned that Brad starts his holidays earlier than we thought so that means going home earlier which is great.

Brad bought a huge new skratching post for the cats for an early xmas gift. They love it. They can stretch really high and they like to attack it and play with it too. The other one we had was from when we first got Jade which was a year and a half ago. It was really short so theyd have to lay down to skratch it. Anyways enough about skratching posts .. haha. wow my life is boring.


Jen said...

yay for updating... finally! HAHA
Sweet pressies, I need to wrap my gifts and buy some more. Oh Christmas. Can't wait to see you! I miss you :D yay!!

spiffykerms said...

That's one MONSTER present off to the side..