Monday, December 15, 2008

10 Reasons you should Date a Scientist

10 - The world revolves around Scientists, we know how everything works!

9 - We are over-exposed to latex and have become very tolerable

8 - We are "Oh so smart" you'll never be mentally bored with us... So you wanna know why your poo is brown? (I so know why haha)

7 - All this thinking we do is terribly draining, so we like to be physically challenged & EXPERIMENT too!

6 - There's no need to see a doctor when you're with us, we've seen & tested just about every bacterial disease there is!

5 - We're physiologically knowledgeable, if you're unhappy about a physical feature, we can Genetically Modify YOU

4 - We can hook you up with all the essential party goods... dry ice, Eppie bombs and a shit load of combustible materials. What more could you want?

3 - We look extremely cute in our white lab coats, especially when we wear nothing underneath

2 - You will sound just as smart as us if you say you're dating a Scientist!

1 - Because if you leave us, we'll willingly use you as a lab rat & inject a virus in you